aboutOur Community, Our Mental Health

1 in 5 people suffer a mental illness some time in their life. Mental illness can affect anyone – family, friends, young and old.

Research indicates that up to 85% of homeless people have mental illnesses. For some, mental illness is an ongoing health issue – this is called enduring or chronic mental illness. People with enduring mental illness also often have another disability.

There is an increased risk of homelessness for those with mental illness, who have trouble coping on their own and need support with decision-making.

For those who are vulnerable, there are few opportunities for appropriate supported housing on the Central Coast. Australia faces a housing shortage generally – yet the crisis is even greater for people with enduring mental illness, as they are isolated and their needs neglected.

Our Vision

HOME on the Central Coast is developing a new type of permanent housing for people with enduring mental illness, modelled on successful projects in Queanbeyan and Melbourne.

HOME on the Central Coast will provide self-contained supported accommodation for up to 20 adults – along with outreach services – in a safe, loving setting.

Residents will be supported to live dignified, active, fulfilling lives within the community.

This initiative involves the entire community – businesses, organisations, churches and local people, along with the support of Federal, State, and Local government.

The HOME on the Central Coast Model

  • Individual units tenanted by adults with enduring mental illness and/or disability
  • Secure long-term tenancy is available
  • 24-hour on-site support
  • residents encouraged to become self-reliant and active participants in the community
  • residents supported to engage with medical services when needed
  • professional support provided by local services


A focus on hope and independence

For more information, and to obtain our business plan please contact us.

Our History

HOME on the Central Coast is a community not-for-profit organisation driven by carers, community workers and community members who recognise the need for supported permanent accommodation for people with mental illness who cannot live independently, or are at risk of homelessness.

HOME on the Central Coast was inspired by the model of support accommodation established by the community in Queanbeyan. After many meetings and consultations, we established ourselves as a sister organisation to HOME in Queanbeyan. We gratefully acknowledge and thank HOME in Queanbeyan for all their assistance in the early days.

We became an Incorporated Association in 2013, as well as obtaining Deductible Gift Recipient status.
Our ABN is 59 538 299 149.

Our current Board is made up of carers, community members and members of various organisations who volunteer their time to the project.